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Annual Survey of Interest!

Hey there, Gen Ficcers! It's your friendly mods here with a request: we've been mulling things over and trying to decide whether or not to hold the exchange again this year. We realize that there are a lot of other exchanges to compete with and that people have other things (like work and school and other pesky "real life" business) to deal with, so we'd just like to gauge whether or not there's still enough interest to warrant holding the exchange again. If you could take a minute to fill out the handy-dandy poll below, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Poll #1811384 Just Friends 2012 Interest Poll

Would you be interested in participating in Just Friends if it runs again this year?

Yes, I'll be there with bells on!
Maybe, if I have time/circumstances are right.
No, probably not this time.
I have no idea--I just really like ticky boxes.

Additional comments/suggestions go here!

Feel free to email/message us or comment with any additional comments you have that don't fit in the woefully small poll textbox. We'll post here to let you know the results and our decision once we've had time to look things over.

Have a lovely January, and remember to keep the platonic love alive!


Another Year Bites the Dust

Hey Genficcers! Your favorite friendly afternoon snack here wrapping up this year's round of gen fic love.

First of all, we just want to thank everyone who participated, whether it by by writing, reading, or just spreading the word about our exchange. We couldn't have done it without you, so give yourselves a huge pat on the back from us to you!

Second, we'd like to spend out a special thanks to imifumei, amhrancas and jackie, who were awesome enough to be our go-to people for pinch hitting, beta assistance and just being incredibly accommodating in general. Four for you guys! You go, you guys!

Last, but certainly not least, the business you've all been waiting for... reveals! Click the cut to find out who wrote the fics you loved and prepare to be amazed (or to shout a victorious "Ha, I knew it!").

The cat's out of the bag...Collapse )

And that rounds out this year in Gen Fic Land! We hope you all enjoyed yourself and the exchange. And remember that it doesn't have to stop here--you can always keep spreading the gen fic love all year round! ;)

In the home stretch!

Hey Genficcers!

This is just a heads up from your friendly mods to let you know that reveals will be going up tomorrow evening (Tuesday, August 23rd).

We'd like to thank you for being a part of the second annual Just Friends exchange, whether it was as a writer/recipient or just as a reader. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being awesome!

And just as a reminder, if you have not done so already, please comment on your gift fic! Remember, writing for someone else can be a very nerve wracking proccess for a lot of us, and everyone wants to be told they've done a good (or at least passable) job. Your writer worked hard to tailor something to your tastes so even something as simple as a thank you goes a long way. Conversely, if there's something in a fic not for you that you don't particularly like, please refrain from being a jerk about it. We haven't seen any instances of it thus far (because you are all classy, pinky up people :D) but know that we will not hesitate to bring the hammer down when it comes to shennanigans. No one likes sour Milk or Cookies.

That's it, short and sweet! Thanks again for helping us spread the gen fic love, and we'll see you all again in 24 hours! ;)

- Milk & Cookies


A treat for bubbly (Part 1 of 3)

A tasty treat for: bubby
Cooked up by: A friendly chef

Title: The Ninomiya Files - Case XoX: The Rainbow Thief
Characters/Groups: Arashi, Nagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun and some other very nice cameos
Genre: fantasy/slice-of-life and a bit of crime
Rating: G (for swearing and for a corpse being a corpse)
Warnings: attempted and possibly failed humor, ghosts
Summary: Nino is the only professional wizard for hire in Tokyo and someone needs him to solve a case.
Author's Notes: Arashi in The Dresden Files AU. I think it’s not necessary to know “The Dresden Files” to follow the fic, as I created the universe from scratch here. It may feel more interesting if you don’t know the original story at all, or so I hope!
I give my heartfelt thanks to my (sadly anonymous) beta, for her kindness, a lot of suggestions and angel’s patience with my grammar :) And special thanks to mods, who were very understanding, helpful and simply awesome!
And I need to thank the recipient of my story too - I watched this series and even read the book thanks to your prompt. I truly enjoyed imagining the story in Arashi version. In the end I tried playing with the theme a little bit. But once I started, it was hard to keep the story in borders, it constantly tried to grow into a multi-chapter! I still hope you will like it, even if just a little.

Meet the only one in whole Tokyo professional mage for hire. Be warned, you’ll pay almost scamming amount of cash per hour for his services although his magic is more real than you can imagine.Collapse )

On to Part 2

A treat for swedish_weirdo

A treat for: swedish_weirdo
Cooked up by: A friendly chef

Title: Sorry (did I just s-stutter?)
Characters/Groups: Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya
Genre: Slice of life, friendship, humor
Rating: PG for some language
Summary: It’s totally Yamapi’s fault Jin and Kame end up sharing a hotel room.
Author's Notes: I was so excited I got to write for you, swedish_weirdo! :D I kind of went with your first prompt, so I really hope you’ll like this fic. Many thanks to my awesome beta S.

What are you doing here?Collapse )

A treat for __sine

A treat for: __sine
Cooked up by: A friendly chef

Title: Star Storm
Characters/Groups: Arashi, News, Toma, Tackey & Tsubasa
Genre: Comedy drama, AU.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing to be scared of, no violence, horror, swearing or anything of that ilk. However, a possible warning for fluffy crack should be issued.
Summary: Arashiyama is a small town outside of Kyoto, and home to one of the biggest boybands in Japan: Arashi. Although the five Arashi members are seen as the beloved sons of the town, it is also home to a number of other young men who are also well loved and well thought of, and all successful in their own careers. When a benefit concert called Star Storm is organised, and Arashi can no longer attend, can organisers Tackey and Tsubasa find another way to close the show?
Author's Notes: In this verse, Arashi and News members (plus a few others) are friends and contemporaries, who all grew up in the same town of Arashiyama. Arashi became the Arashi we know and love, while others took different paths, but the bonds of friendship remain regardless of those different paths, and sometimes you just need a storm and a little stardust... __sine I hope you like this :)

Star StormCollapse )

A treat for moogle_tey

A treat for: moogle_tey
Cooked up by: A friendly chef

Title: Live from the Budoukan
Characters/Groups: Maru, Yoko, Kanjani8
Genre: Dark/Horror
Rating: R for dark themes
Warnings: Violence, highly questionable security decisions. Also, Horikita Maki is dead.
Summary: Something goes wrong at 24 Hour Television.
Author's Notes: Dear moogle_tey, it was very exciting to get to write for you! Your sign-up gave me lots of options to work with—I hope you enjoy the result ♥

I can’t let them forget me.Collapse )

A treat for yoshi09

A treat for: yoshi09
Cooked up by: A friendly chef

Title: Twitterpated, or 'Arashi in 140 characters or fewer'
Characters/Groups: Arashi
Genre: Perhaps 'Humor'? Slice of life
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unusual formatting, time skips (but always ahead, in a linear fashion) mostly tweets, some twits.
Summary: Arashi members are asked to use Twitter. Some of them take to it better than others.
Author's Notes: This story is told entirely in two memos and many internet-based correspondences, most of which are between 0 and 140 characters in length. Please read it as you would one consolidated timeline of Arashi's internet communication. All of this is, of course, 100% fictional. Also, this fic assumes some things about filming schedules for Arashi's various TV projects that are probably false. Please just go with it. I hope it isn't too confusing to follow. orz Many thanks to Milk & Cookies for the opportunity to do this, since it was new and different for me, also thanks, betas. Most of the photos used were found via Google searches, they are not mine.
To yoshi09, I hope this is sort of what you were hoping for?

Arashi in 140 characters or fewerCollapse )