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A treat for randomicicle

A treat for: randomicicle
Cooked up by: A friendly chef

Title: Birthdays.
Characters/Groups: Kame-centric, KAT-TUN, Akanishi Jin, family members.
Genre: Fluff, Member-ai, attempted humour
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: pregnant women, a bit of blood (but no violence), a curse word here and there, flashbacks and talk about sex.
Summary: “”You’re coming on Sunday, right?” Junno asks but it’s more of a demand than a question.
“Of course I will” Kame smiles. He’d never even dream about not coming.

Author's Notes: Dear randomicicle, you probably didn’t expect to receive this kind of story and I’m not surprised because I did not have this in mind when I first got your wish list. I actually started various other stories before this one was born. Those stories however didn’t seem to get anywhere so I dropped them a couple of weeks ago when this plot jumped into my head. You said you wanted FAMILIES and you said you wanted a lot of Kame so I hope this won’t be a disappointment even if it wasn’t what you expected. I had a good time writing this and I hope you’ll have a good time reading it :)
Also, a big thank you to my lovely beta believetobefree who came to my rescue. You’re an angel! Thank you! ♥

”You’re coming on Sunday, right?” Junno asks but it’s more of a demand than a question.
“Of course I will” Kame smiles. He’d never even dream about not coming.
“Good” Junno nods and pats Kame’s shoulder lightly. “Kazuko and Hanasuke would be so disappointed if you didn’t and it’d go out over me”
“Don’t worry” Kame chuckles lightly. “I’ve already got their present ready”

Kame was on his way home when he remembered that he’d promised Rena that she could borrow his copy of their favourite romance movie, since her own had magically disappeared. Kame knows where it’d gone though since he was there when Junno accidentally broke the disc by stepping on it. Obviously he never told Rena about it and Kame really isn’t one to tattletale on a crime as small as that.
A very pregnant Rena opens the door just a moment after Kame knocked on the wooden door. She looks a bit tired.
“Kame-kun” she smiles and lets him inside the house.
“I got the movie I promised you” he says reaching into his bag to take it out.
“Oh thank you” she beams. “Would you like to watch it with me? Junnosuke won’t be home yet for many hours and I’m bored with spending time with only myself as company”
Kame throws a glance at his watch, it’s early. His workload that day had been smaller than usual.
“I’m just gonna make us something to drink. Make yourself at home” she smiles and then pads into the kitchen.

Just as Kame is making himself comfortable between the blue cushions on the big white couch there’s a sound of something crashing in the kitchen and he bolts right up. He runs into the room and finds pieces of broken teacups on the floor and a Rena looking very much in pain. She’s breathing harshly, one hand on her stomach and the other one clenching the edge of the kitchen counter.
“What happened?” Kame asks worriedly and puts a hand on the small of her back as he comes up next to her.
“Cramps” she pants. “Oh fuck this hurts.”
“The babies are coming?” Kame asks trying to sound composed but on the inside he’s freaking out.
“No, I just think it’s –“ Rena cuts her own sentence short with another loud, painful cry making Kame want to cover his ears but he’s too polite and too afraid of Rena to move his hand away from her back. Instead he starts rubbing her back with small circles of his hand and offering calming nonsense words.
“Maybe, maybe you’re right.” she pants when she’s calmed down. “Maybe, you should get me to the hospital.”
“Yes, yes, of course” Kame nods and starts leading her towards the front door. He’s panicked but sane enough to make sure neither of them steps into the broken pieces of china on the floor and to remember to lock the door.
Kame doesn’t remember much of the drive to the hospital except that he drove faster than he’s ever done before and that Rena managed to order him to go faster between the contractions.

A nurse quickly came to their aid once they arrived and as Rena was brought into the delivery room she shouted at him to call her stupid husband. Kame called Junno several times from the payphone but not once did he get further than the answering machine. He left messages, trying to sound calm, when he demanded Junno come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Kame’s sitting on a chair next to Rena’s hospital bed when Junno, many hours later, finally arrives. He’s dressed in a police uniform, obviously coming to the hospital straight from the drama set. He looks stressed and his breathing is as shallow as if he’s just run a marathon. Kame is quick to get up from his seat to offer it to his friend and to give the couple some space.
“Finally” Rena says, smiling softly as she first looks at Junno and then down at the babies resting in her arms. “Meet your daughter Kazuko and your son Hanasuke”
The smile that spreads across Junno’s face as he looks at his wife and their kids is the happiest smile Kame has ever seen on him. He looks even happier than the day he started the day with announcing that he and Rena had gotten married during their vacation. And he had looked incredibly happy that day a couple of years ago.
“They’re beautiful” Junno says in awe stroking the babies softly over the heads before leaning in to plant a kiss on Rena’s forehead. “You’re beautiful”.
Kame smiles as he leaves the room to let the family have some well deserved alone time and to inform Rena’s mother that her son-in-law has arrived.

Kame is the last one to arrive. He can tell by the cars parked and the noise coming from the backyard. He’s coming alone since his boyfriend had to be gone on a training camp but he’d firmly told Kame over the phone to congratulate the kids on his behalf. He’s let inside by Taguchi’s mother and led through the house, which is decorated with balloons and garlands for the occasion, and out into the backyard. He immediately gets tackled down to the ground when his arrival is being noticed by the twins and Nakamaru’s son Kazuma. They shriek in joy, he laughs and the rest of the party watch them in amusement before going back to what they were doing.
“You’re late” Kazuko points out once they’ve calmed down but they’re still down on the ground. She’s sitting on his lap together with Kazuma while Hanasuke is standing behind him, hugging him around the neck. “It’s my birthday!”
“And mine!” Hanasuke adds.
“I’m sorry” Kame apologizes. “I have some awesome gifts for you to open later that I hope will make up for it.”
“YAY!” Kazuko and Hanasuke cheer. Hanasuke hugs Kame tighter around the neck as Kazuko clapping her hands in glee.
“I don’t get anything?” Kazuma pouts and Kame pats him over the head.
“It’s not your birthday today Kazu-kun. You had yours last month, when you turned 4, don’t you remember?” Kame says giving him a soft smile.

Kame never imagined that he’d be spending hours at the hospital when Nakamaru invited him over to watch a game a few days earlier. His friend had thought he’d be able to get off the set in time for the game but he was wrong. The filming was dragged out due to bad weather and instead Kame ended up watching the game with Nakamaru’s wife; Setsuna. She’s not a big baseball fan but she understands the game and they have a pretty good time while they wait for Nakamaru to come back home.

“Kame-san” she says and interrupts Kame just as he was about to jump up in joy as the Giants gets another point and he stops midway into the air. Her voice sounds kind of weak.
“Yes?” Kame turns to look at her with a mix of confusion and worry.
“I think I should get to the hospital. The contractions have started and are regular” she says sounding calm as she gets up from the couch. “Could you call Yuichi for me while I get the bag from the bedroom?”
“Of course.” Kame quickly pulls out his phone and with it pressed against his ear he watches how she pads towards the bedroom, one hand resting on her stomach and the other on the small of her back. He hadn’t even noticed that she’d been in pain.
“Kame?” Nakamaru sounds slightly stressed as he answers the phone, even though he obviously was on a break in filming, or he wouldn’t be answering.
“Setsuna-san told me to call and let you know that I’m driving her to the hospital” Kame said trying to sound as calm as Setsuna had sounded a moment ago. “The baby seems to be on its way”
“Really?” Nakamaru’s voice got slightly high-pitched and Kame could tell he was about to freak out. The last few months had probably not been enough time for Nakamaru to mentally prepare himself for the father’s role he was about to take on.

The drive to the hospital was just as stressful as when he’d driven Rena, even though Setsuna was calmer than one might think a woman about to give birth would be. She didn’t react very much to the contractions, and Kame was impressed. The pain must be unbearable, or that was the impression Kame had gotten from the first time he’d driven a pregnant woman to the hospital. Setsuna didn’t tell him to drive faster. She told him to keep calm and drive safely. Her calmness didn’t have the right affect on Kame though, who just got more stressed and nervous with every passing second. He tried his best not to show it and it worked, until Setsuna told him that her water broke. Kame stepped on the gas.

He’s more of a mess than she is when they finally walk in through the hospital entrance.
“I promise to pay for the cleaning of your car” she says, repeating the words she’d already told him a countless number of times during the last few minutes. “Just send me the bill and I’ll take care of it”
“Don’t worry about it now” Kame grits because her calmness is starting to irritate him. It’s like he’s the one being all hormonal and pregnant and not her.
“Excuse me?” Kame says catching the attention of a nurse before Setsuna can protest and keep on worrying about the car. “Her water broke just minutes ago”
The nurse throws a glance at Setsuna before she calls for another nurse to bring a wheelchair.
“I don’t need a wheelchair” Setsuna complains but still sits down in it and lets herself be rolled away. Kame walks next to them as the nurse keeps on asking various questions about how far apart the contractions are and other important facts about the pregnancy. Kame doesn’t pay much attention as he’s too busy hoping that Nakamaru will show up soon.

Setsuna’s delivery was not as quick and short as Rena’s, so when Nakamaru shows up almost two hours later, the baby has still to be born. He’s in his ordinary clothes – jeans, dress shirt and an argyle sweater. The only thing that gives away the fact that he has come straight from filming is the make-up. He’s done a bad job of removing the war painting on his face. He looks as stressed as he had sounded on the phone but as soon as he’s let into the room where Setsuna is lying, waiting, his whole face relaxes. Kame smiles as Nakamaru much to his surprise kisses his wife right in front of him. Nakamaru’s not much for public displays; he even looked awkward when he was told to kiss Setsuna during their wedding ceremony. This kiss does not look awkward and they’re still kissing as Kame leaves the room. He sits down in the waiting area and picks up a magazine to read. He could probably go home if he wanted to, but somehow he wants to stay. He’s curious about how Nakamaru will act once the baby is born.

Nakamaru doesn’t show up until quite sometime later. He looks well-kissed, a sight Kame’s never seen before either.
“She’s in labour now” Nakamaru says as he sits down next to Kame, sounding calm and not as freaked out as Kame thought he would. Setsuna’s kisses must’ve poured something calming into his system.
“Thanks for driving her” he continues and Kame smiles. “I don’t know what we’d have done if you hadn’t been there. We’re both very grateful Kame. Really”
“I know” Kame pats Nakamaru’s shoulder. “Just do as Taguchi and name your kid after me as a thank you” he jokes.
“I’ll tell Setsuna that” Nakamaru smiles and leans back against the chair. “Oh, you might want to know that the Giants won. I heard it on the radio”
“With how much?” Kame had forgotten about the game.
“Didn’t pay attention to specific details” Nakamaru shrugs and then sighs. “I’m going to become a father”
Kame searches for any sign of fear at the prospect in Nakamaru’s eyes but there’s none. He shouldn’t be afraid either. He’ll be a great dad.

Kame walks over to where the guys are standing by the barbeque with drinks in their hands. Ueda’s daughter, and Nakamaru’s niece, Suri is sitting securely in Ueda’s hold. She’s still too small to really be able to play with the other kids.
“Hey” Kame says as he comes up to them and Jin is quick to hand him a cold beer. Jin might no longer be a member of their band but they still haven’t been able to get him out of their lives. Not that they would want to either.
“Who do you think will get born first?” Koki asks and Kame looks at him with confusion as he takes a gulp of his beer.
“My baby or Jin’s baby?” Koki elaborates.
“They’re due about the same time but I’m sure my girl will be born first” Jin smirks. “I always beat you at everything”
“No you don’t” Ueda deadpans. “And I think Koki’s kid will be born first”
“Ha!” Koki looks smug.
“Why?” Jin demands to know and looks offended. “You think my baby will beat Koki’s, don’t you Kame?”
“I really don’t care as long as I don’t have to be involved in their births” Kame replies and moves his attention to Suri who’s managed to reach out with her small hands to grab a hold of Kame’s shirt sleeve. She’s as pretty as her name suggests. It’s hard to believe that she played a part in one of the most overwhelming experiences he’s had in his life so far.

If there is one thing Kame had never expected to experience it is what happened that spring afternoon. He followed Ueda home from work to help him put the baby crib together. Personally, Kame thinks he was a bad choice for that kind of work but maybe there wasn’t anyone else available. The crib never got built that day though since the second they stepped through the door a loud shriek from the living room greeted them. Dropping everything and not bothering with getting out of their shoes they both ran towards the sound.

In the middle of the room, lying on the floor with her back against the couch and a pain stricken face is Fumi, Ueda’s wife, and Nakamaru’s younger sister. Ueda quickly gets down on his knees next to her and takes a hold of her hands.
“Tatsuya” she manages to say before she cries out again.
“Call for an ambulance” Ueda orders and throws a worried glance over his shoulder at Kame.
Kame reaches for his phone.
“Too late” Fumi pants and Kame freezes with the phone in a firm grip. “The baby’s already ready to come out”
“Kame, get some hot water and towels, quickly” Ueda orders him again and just like that Kame unfreezes. He runs towards the bathroom, dropping the phone to the floor.

He comes back as quickly as he can with a pail of water and some towels. Ueda’s still down on his knees next to Fumi, holding her hand and giving her soothing and reassuring words.
“What now?” Kame asks feeling helpless.
“Help me get this baby out of me” Fumi answers her face scrunching up in pain. “Get down on your knees in front of me Kame and help me out”
Kame does as he’s ordered to do and falls down in front of Fumi’s wide spread legs. Her skirt rolled up and her panties pushed down to her ankles. This feels so wrong.
“Isn’t it better if Ueda-“ Kame starts hoping that Ueda will change places with him. It is after all Ueda’s wife and he must’ve seen those parts of her body countless numbers of times.
“No, Tatsuya stays where he is” Fumi cuts in. Kame looks helplessly at Ueda who just offers him an apologizing smile. “Spread the towels on the floor and clean your hands. Quickly!”
Kame does as he is told and soon Fumi is pushing with all her might to get the baby out of her body. She’s squeezing Ueda’s hand with all her might. Kame tries to stay as calm as he can as he sees the baby’s head appear and he has to help it out with his hands.

The baby gives out a shrill cry as soon as it’s out and Kame sighs with relief as he holds the small body in his bloody hands. Together with Ueda he cleans the newborn and then wraps her up in one of the towels.
“She’s beautiful” Ueda says looking awestruck as he hands the baby over to Fumi. A soft smile spreads across her tired and sweaty face.
“Yeah” she says and then tears starts falling down her cheeks. She hugs the baby close to her body as she lets the tears fall freely.
Kame gets up from the floor to go and wash his hands and to call for the ambulance he never called for earlier.

When he gets back a few minutes later he clears his throat to get their attention and they both turn to look at him. Ueda has his arms wrapped around Fumi.
“I called for an ambulance. It’ll be here soon” Kame says and then smiles.
“Thanks” Fumi smiles back at him. “Thanks for everything Kame-kun”
Kame blushes slightly but tries his best to not show it.
“It was nothing” he says.
“Nothing?” Ueda chuckles. “We all know how freaked out you actually were through it all.”
“Shut up” Kame replies but there’s no fire in it and it’s followed by a soft, kind of nervous laugh.
“We won’t name her after you though” Ueda continues with a smirk. “You have enough kids named in your honour.”
Kame doesn’t mind even though he thinks that if he’d ever deserved anyone to be named after him it’s now.

Kame smiles as he comes back from the bathroom and sits down on the steps leading down from the terrace to the grass. He watches as Koki and Jin play football against the kids. The kids seem to be doing a bit better, but it might be because they’re more or it might be because Jin and Koki have had a few beers. He laughs along with the kids when Jin falls over, failing to take the ball from Hanasuke.
“Having fun?”
Kame turns his head at Nakamaru who sits down next him. He smiles and nods as Nakamaru hands him another cold beer. They clink their beer bottles together before they takes a sip. They stay silent, watching the party for a moment, before Nakamaru speaks again.
“We’re having another baby.”
“Really?” Kame smiles.
“Yeah” Nakamaru smiles back and in the early evening sun he looks like he is glowing. “Kazuma got really excited when we told him yesterday. He’s been asking for a sibling for quite some time now”
“It’s nice with siblings even if they can be a pain sometimes.” Kame muses and then raises his beer bottle to clink it with Nakamaru’s again. “I’m happy for you”
“What are you two doing spending some alone time together?” Ueda comes over with Suri still in his arms. She looks tired though as she clutches Ueda’s shirt with one hand and her head rests against his shoulder.
“Talking” Kame says and scoots over a little so that Ueda can sit down between them. “Yuichi’s going to become a dad again”
“Yeah so I’ve heard” Ueda says and pats Nakamaru’s shoulder with his free hand. “About time. Did it take you guys that long after Kazuma’s birth to go at it again?”
Nakamaru almost chokes on his beer and Kame can’t help but burst out laughing.
“Oh shut up” Nakamaru blushes and he’d probably try to hit Ueda if Suri hadn’t been present. “I’ll have you know that we’d planned to wait about 4 years before the next baby”
“That doesn’t answer my question though.” Ueda smirks and Kame snickers into his bottle.
“It’s none of your business when Setsuna and I have sex. It’s private” Nakamaru glares at the both of them.
“That must mean you don’t do it very often” Kame teases and watches how Nakamaru seems to slowly reach the point where he’ll boil over. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s quite hilarious to watch.
“Do what?”
They all turn to look at Junno who’s just arrived and is standing in front of them.
“Have sex” Ueda answers. “Yuichi has a boring sex life”
“Oh, really?” Junno tilts his head to the side and gives Nakamaru a sympathetic look. “That’s too bad”
“I do not have a boring sex life” Nakamaru says through gritted teeth, “End of discussion. This really isn’t an appropriate subject for a child’s birthday party. And especially not when there’s a baby present!”
“Suri’s too small to understand what’s going on” Ueda points out. “But we’ll stop. After all I wouldn’t want to get on bad terms with my brother-in-law.”
“You’ve got some good sportsman’s genes in your family Taguchi!” Jin pants as he and Koki joins them and interrupts whatever Nakamaru might’ve fired back with. “Your kids run fast and so does your nieces but my kid will grow up and beat yours one day. She’ll become Japan’s number one soccer player”
“I’m sure she will” Junno smiles widely, almost mockingly. Jin looks offended.
“No I mean it. She will be” Jin insists and glares, daring anyone to go against him.
“That’s what I said.” Junno says looking rather confused and Kame can’t help but laugh. Ueda is quick to join in before Koki and Nakamaru. And then Jin and Junno start laughing too because it’s hard not to laugh when people around you laugh, even if you might be the joke.


Kame’s just about to go to bed when a clicking noise tells him that he’s received a new message. He picks up the phone from where it’s lying in one of his bookshelves. He smiles. It’s a picture of Koki’s face next to a tiny, tiny, slightly red face and a message coining two words:
Proud Daddy
He puts the phone back again and is just about to crawl under the bedcover when the phone sounds again. He considers leaving it for tomorrow but in the end doesn’t. It could be important. He gets up from the bed and gets the phone. He chuckles when he sees who it’s from. It seems like Koki wasn’t the only one becoming a dad that evening. Jin did too. There’s no picture in the message but specific details on weight, length and time of birth.
Kame smirks as he remembers the birthday party about a month ago. Did Jin’s baby beat Koki’s or was it the other way around? He’ll have to find that out tomorrow, when he congratulates them both. He’ll send some teddy bears and flowers, or maybe even visit if his schedule allows it.

The end.
Tags: * crack/humor, * fluff, * member ai, g: jin, g: kat-tun, r: pg-13
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